About Us

At first glance you may assume that M3>U represents a claim that you are better than everyone else.  Not so fast...because it's not that simple nor is it a statement of one's arrogance. Not even close.  


We live in a world dominated by brands.  In so many ways brands have not just come to define the objects they represent but often the individuals who use them.  A lot of us have been down that path where we associate our own self worth by the type of car we drive, the brand of clothes we wear, or the stores in which we shop.  This value system has been driven into us since childhood as we view the world in a commercial driven value system. We often feel like we have to conform to this social uniformity least we be looked at as not fitting in.  Now there's nothing wrong with wearing what you like or driving what you want, BUT, it's important to remind yourself that WHO you are is not defined by the badge of the brand.  The only "Brand" that defines you is YOU! 


M3>U is a reminder of that.  When you wear our clothes we want you to remember that it's not what's on you that makes you who you are or defines your position in society...it's what's under it. It's your mind, your body, your spirit, not what you drape yourself in.  So wear this badge with pride and remind other brands (including us) that YOU are the brand of choice and YOU are greater than any other brand out there.


M - Me (yes we mean you)     3 - your mind,your body, your Spirit      > - greater than       U -Uniformity


M3>U...Define YOUR Brand!!!